True disciples can offer thanks always

By Father Mark Innocenti, Pastor

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Little Falls

“In all things give thanks.” (cf. 1Thes 5:18, Phil. 4.6, Eph. 5:20). The apostle Paul in his letters to his brothers and sisters in Christ tells them to be thankful in all situations of life.

But why in “all” situations; are not some situations unpleasant and unwanted? The answer is surely yes, but Paul understands something that we often do not focus on as much as we should. Simply put, we have been given a blessing and promise through Jesus that this life will pass away to a life with God.

So, even in the difficulties of this fallen world we can give thanks at all times because we know that any suffering, pain, injustice, even death, does not have the last word. Those who follow Jesus as true disciples, though they have to carry their cross at times, can identify with Jesus in his sacrifice for the salvation of the world and at the same time be filled with love, joy and peace in the good things in life.

Faith connects us with the Christ and this faith leads to hope to carry us over any difficulties and helps us grow deeper in love for each other and our savior. In a mysterious way even our crosses in life lead to a better reality as the cross of Christ has given way to the resurrection.

So yes, we can be thankful in all things.