Morello sentenced to 80 days for receiving stolen property

Shawn Michael Morello, 37, Randall, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of receiving stolen property.

On Jan. 10, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a theft of 15 tires, valued at $1,320, from OK Tire and Bait in Randall.

On the same day, the sheriff’s office received a report of gasoline being stolen from Kierstead Trucking in Randall. Kierstead’s video system showed two males driving a van into the lot and attempting to siphon gas from the used cars there.

Items left at the scene included a siphoning hose, gas cans and cutting tools. The van was registered to one of the suspects.

On Jan. 29, the Walmart store in Little Falls reported two men attempted to shoplift items they had put in a garbage can. They left without the goods.

On Jan. 30, the van was located, stopped and one occupant was identified as Morello.

A taped statement was taken from Morello who said he was part of the theft at Kierstead Trucking, but not at OK Tire. He also admitted he took part in stealing items from stores.

In the van, officers found a backpack belonging to Morello containing tools which appeared to be used for burglary and theft. It also contained two small baggies with a white residue that tested positive for cocaine and a baggie containing marijuana.

Next to the seat in the van was a Walmart bag containing 47 items still in the original packaging.

Video surveillance at Walmart showed the two men who committed the theft Jan. 29, and they matched the appearance of Morello and his accomplice.

Items from the van were collected and returned to Walmart. Loss prevention checked the UPC codes and determined the items, valued at $1,103.82, were stolen.

Morello was sentenced to the St. Cloud Correctional Facility for one year and one day, stayed for five years and 80 days in jail. He was fined $2,050.44 and given five years of supervised probation.

Dismissed against Morello was one felony count of fifth degree possession of drugs. The counts were dismissed due to his pleading guilty to the one felony count of receiving stolen property.