Motley establishes its plan in case of both natural and man-made disasters

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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The Motley City Council voted Tuesday night on the established plan for any man-made or natural disaster that could occur within city limits.

The city’s disaster plan will be in line with the Morrison County disaster plan to ensure continuity if and when county personnel are asked to assist the city of Motley during a disaster. Each person will know his/her job without interruption.

The purpose of the plan is to ensure that, in the event of any disaster, the city facilities, equipment and manpower will be used in a coordinated, effective way so as to maximize the protection of life and property. It will also ensure the continuity of government.

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for relaying any warnings it receives which affect Motley to the Motley Fire Department, which will serve as the city warning point and will be responsible for disseminating any warnings that are received.

For a natural disaster, the sirens will sound for five minutes in a steady tone. Key city personnel will be notified, as will TV and radio stations.

For a nuclear attack, the sirens will sound with a wavering tone for five minutes. Both city personnel and TV and radio stations will be notified.

The city’s response to the disaster will take place from city hall where the emergency operating center (EOC) will be established. Alternative locations will be the Motley United Methodist Church and Brick’s Travel Center if needed.

The EOC will be activated by the chief of police and all EOC staff will report to the center.

The mayor and the City Council, the city emergency management director, the city clerk/treasurer, police  and fire chiefs; the city engineer and all support personnel have tasks they are responsible for and each is expected to know what to do when necessary.

 Motley City Council briefs

Other business conducted by the Motley City Council Tuesday night included:

• Agreeing on a conditional use permit (CUP) for a digital sign at the BP gas station on Highway 10. The 3-foot, 5-inch by 7-foot, 3-inch sign met all Planning Commission requirements for a CUP. Those requirements included obtaining necessary permits, abiding by electrical and building codes and not have lighting that would cause a distraction for drivers or pedestrians. The CUP was passed 3-1 with Councilman Bruce Mills voting against. He said he hadn’t supported similar signs;

• Removing Greg Weber from the Planning and Zoning Commission due to inaccessibility;

• Voting to accept the city’s snow plowing and ice control policy of removing snow that accumulates one inch or more or when drifting snow causes travel problems, when icy conditions affect travel and when snow falls in relationship to heavier use of streets. As the snow melts, slush will be removed when necessary;

• Accepting the Park Committee’s recommendations to increase the size of the current dog run at a cost of $2,200, add a patio and large tree to Converse Park, replant the lilacs from Converse Park to create a backdrop for the city sign east of town and remove the scoreboard from Converse Park and donate it to the Motley Historical Society;

• Voting to do base work now on a future salt storage shed and have the maintenance department work on the building at a later date, due to budget constraints;

• Tabling the purchase of larger American flags to be placed on 17 light poles in the city for use during the Fourth of July celebrations. As the expenditure was not in the budget for this year, it will be looked at again in 2013;

• Having the clerk treasurer check the amount of money in the budget for street cleaning and the maintenance department determine which streets needed cleaning and how much time it would take;

•  Discussion about the city building a new fire hall and/or  a new city hall in the industrial park. Money has been set aside for a new city hall building and possible grants are available for a new fire hall;

• Scheduling the 2013 budget meeting for Saturday, June 23, at 6 a.m. in City Hall;

• Setting the compensation for the mayor at $170 per month and council members at $130 per month for 2013 and 2014. In added compensation, each will be paid an extra $25 for all special meetings that require council action; and

• Granting a liquor license to the Agricultural Society for the Morrison County Fair in Motley to be held Friday – Sunday, June 29, 30 and July 1.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Motley City Hall Tuesday, July 10, at 7 p.m.