Probation violation sends LF man to prison

A 22-year-old Little Falls man chose prison over probation during a court hearing in front of Judge Douglas P. Anderson, June 13, in Morrison County District Court in Little Falls. Darron Pedro Nicholas Colombe asked that his prison sentence be executed after testing positive in a post-sentence drug test. Colombe had been sentenced to five years probation and a 30-day jail sentence March 7.

Assistant County Attorney Todd Kosovich said this was his first probation violation. “Typically, we would have given him a second, longer jail sentence and he would be allowed to continue on probation. Instead, Mr. Colombe demanded his prison sentence be executed. In a separate hearing just a few days before, the defendant indicated that he would rather be in prison than on probation.”

Colombe was sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison. He will get credit for the 30 days he served just after his sentencing in March.