24-year-old Pierz man killed in accident with forklift

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office reported that a call was received that a man had been injured in a gravel pit just west of Pierz after a forklift rolled into the back of his tractor, Sunday, June 17, at approximately 6:37 p.m.

Responding deputies arrived at the scene and immediately attempted life saving measures but were unable to revive the male victim. According to Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel, 24-year-old Michael Melvin Lodermeier, a resident of rural Pierz, was pronounced dead at the scene.  According to Wetzel, Lodermeier and his brother were attempting to load a scrapped out pickup truck on to a trailer utilizing a forklift when the forklift quit running.

Lodermeier then retrieved a tractor and attempted to pull the forklift toward the trailer at which point the forklift started rolling faster than the tractor was moving, causing the forklift to collide with the back of the tractor. Lodermeier was struck in the back and suffered injuries which are believed to have caused his death.

An autopsy will be conducted by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office in order to determine an exact cause of death.