Board paving roads for themselves

To the Editor:

Saturday, June 9, I went to a special meeting at the Roosevelt Town Hall near Hillman. The subject of the meeting was about rebuilding and paving some of the township roads. Three members of the Board are making life changing decisions for us taxpayers. We already pay enough taxes.

About $3.36 million is a sell or not sell decision of my land. If I sell, the burden of this debt goes to the next generation. More often than not, government projects increase by more than double before finished.

The three people on the Board making these decisions are uneducated and uninformed as to the consequences for many of its residents.

If the people of this township want to spend their money stupidly, then pave the roads but, pave them all. Why shouldn’t we all have nice roads to drive on, not just a few.

And by the way the roads selected to be paved, most of the board members live on these roads. How handy is that? —Karen Marqueti, Hillman