Defends Marriage Amendment

To the Editor:

Last weekend anti-marriage supporters confronted me at the Little Falls Dam Festival. I want to explain why the Defense of Marriage Amendment is on the ballot and why I’m voting Yes.

Marriage is defined between a man and woman in Statute. Activist judges nationwide have thrown out those definitions. Allowing people to define marriage prevents activist judges from changing marriage; only the people can define it.

Massachusetts courts have changed marriage laws, causing serious ramifications. The Catholic Church cannot participate with Massachusetts in adoptions because they only adopt to heterosexual couples, one man and one woman. Public schools teach about gay marriage in elementary, parents aren’t informed and can’t excuse their children. Private companies who could choose to give same-sex partner benefits are forced to, even in violating their religious freedom. Barack Obama, Governor Dayton, and the DFL aggressively support gay marriage and abortion. They’re violating our God-given rights.

In Minnesota any two people can live together, have inheritance rights, have hospital visits, honor funeral requests, but if not married it is done through legal contracts. This shouldn’t mean they can redefine marriage. It’s our responsibility to be better husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. Our children are counting on us. — Sen. Paul Gazelka, R- Brainerd, serving District 12