Requiring photo ID is a no-brainer

To the Editor:

If the results of your poll on the Voter ID amendment are accurate, it’s pretty obvious that the public needs a lot of educating on the matter.

Requiring a photo ID to vote seems to be a no-brainer. We need a photo ID to board an airplane, cash a check, open a checking account, buy a firearm and sometimes to buy cigarettes, alcohol or Reddi-Whip. So why not to vote?

One op-ed piece suggested that there was no evidence that voter fraud was “rampant.” Voter fraud doesn’t have to be rampant to affect the outcome of an election. There have been some close elections in the past few years of fewer than 100 votes.

State issued IDs are not that hard to get and people would have plenty of time to get them. Several years ago, I helped an elderly friend get one so she could fly to see her grandchildren. She needed a birth certificate, marriage certificate and someone who knew her for several years.

College students should be voting absentee where they come from, not choosing our representatives and then leaving.

An illegal vote by a person not qualified to vote steals your vote. We need election integrity and photo ID is the first step to getting it. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum