Road paving plan is unreasonable

To the Editor:

I went to a Roosevelt town board meeting June 9 in Hillman about the paving of our township roads. It seems to me that if we had a knowledgeable road maintenance person maintaining our roads we wouldn’t have a problem.

So instead the township board came up with the idea to pave the township roads at the cost to the taxpayers of $3.6 million.

I live on one of the roads to be paved, and people already drive too fast on this road. I’m sure we will have a catastrophe with all the kids and pedestrians on this road.

Once the roads are paved, I’m sure that within two to three years there will be heaves and potholes to fix with more tax money. It will be like Highway 27 to Onamia. Our roads are near swamps also.

It is unreasonable for taxpayers to be stuck with this kind of “I want” mentality these board members have, especially since most of the board members live on the proposed roads to be paved.

Shame, shame on you. — JoBeth Hartfril, Hillman