Mississippi looks angry coming off the dam in Little Falls

As the water rushes past the dam in Little Falls, it looks angry and fast.

“It’s part of the water coming through the river,” said Jeffrey Jelinski, Morrison County communications supervisor said. He indicated that the National Weather Service (NWS) has reported that due to the rainfall, the Mississippi has gained level.

Jelinski said the situation is being watched, especially in moderate to low-lying areas.

In Aitkin, the river is expected to rise to 18.5 feet before cresting Wednesday morning. At 8 p.m. Monday, the stage was at 18.3 feet, with flood stage being 12 feet.

The NWS reports that in addition to the flood warning in Aitkin, flood warnings exist near the Mississippi River in both Brainerd and Fort Ripley.

In this area, “From any indications we have, boat landings and low-lying areas are primarily being affected,” said Jelinski.