‘Two Old Guys’ have been golfing together for 23 years

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor
[email protected]

John Ploof and Steve VanSlooten of Little Falls have been golfing buddies for 23 years and have golfed in league play at the Little Falls Country Club under various team names.

This year, however, a third teammate who had golfed with the two for about 10 years, had to drop out. “So it was back to me and Steve,” said Ploof.

“Two Old Guys” Steven VanSlooten, left, and John Ploof, play in the Canadian Cup League at the Little Falls Country Club. They have new uniforms this year, thanks to Ploof’s neighbors, and wear cowboy hats to complete the ensemble.

The two came up with a new name for themselves, “Two Old Guys.”

When Ploof’s neighbors, Rick and Sharon Radl, visited John Wayne’s birthplace, they couldn’t resist one of the T-shirts they found and felt it couldn’t be more appropriate.

The the shirts say front and back, “Old Guys Rule.” On the back, along with an image of John Wayne, is one of Wayne’s favorite sayings, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

VanSlooten and Ploof show of the backs of their shirts.

The two also don cowboy hats to complete their new golfing ensemble.

Ploof and VanSlooten say they’ve been golfing together for so long their handicaps are now identical, but wouldn’t say what they were.

Although they play other courses in the area as well, their favorite is the Little Falls Country Club. “We still golf at Little Falls Country Club, one of several good courses in our state. Randy and the crew do a great job to ensure that,” said Ploof.

“God willing and riding carts, us two ‘Old Guys’ will be coming back,” said the golfing buddies.

“At our age, if we can’t beat them, we will try to intimidate them — but we always have fun,” said Ploof. “As the Duke would say, ‘A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.’ We are and are still having fun after 23 years.”