Accepting drawing shows tolerance

To the Editor:

I commend the Little Falls City Council for voting to accept the thank you card given to the library depicting a hand reaching out for help and another offering its presence with a poetic note included as part of the artwork (June 24, 4A).

A note of origin near the drawing may help alleviate misinterpretations. The framed card represents a young man’s newfound pride and self-confidence written in the language of his upbringing. It takes guts for a young person in trouble to feel that a library would want his work. I wish the complainant peace and to never know the anguish of having a child lost in darkness.

Biblically sourced commandments on a government law are easily interpreted as religious authority for public law. Nowhere in “Touching Hands ‘08” are demands of a religious nature. It contains a beautiful note of gratitude written in poetic sense. Censor this and we will again be censoring many books within the library.

No matter what words an individual chooses to use allegorically, the note conveys feelings of new life and gratitude in the author.

This is religious tolerance; something that any community should be proud to have as part of their congregational attributes. — Janell Osborn, Little Falls