Clairmont convicted of third degree burglary

David Jason Clairmont, 29, Motley, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of third degree burglary.

On Jan. 30, a report of a burglary was received by the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office by a resident on East River Road in Motley.

The person who watches over the property told the officer who responded that he had seen fresh vehicle tracks in the snow going to the residence. When he drove onto the property, he also noticed the garage door was open and then called law enforcement.

The officer observed the tire tracks were distinct and that it seemed as if one of the tires was a “doughnut” spare. He also noted that only one person got out of the vehicle, went to the garage and forcefully opened it.

The officer drove around Motley and came upon a residence with tire tracks which appeared to match the same tracks at the scene of the burglary. But, the vehicle was not present.

Knowing that Clairmont lived at the home, the officer attempted to locate him. On 183rd Street, he did observe a vehicle that matched the description of Clairmont’s car and was using a “doughnut” tire.

The officer stopped the car and confirmed the driver was Clairmont, who had his driver’s license revoked. He matched Clairmont’s shoe prints with those at the scene of the burglary.

In a taped statement, Clairmont confessed to the burglary, saying he stole an air compressor.

Clairmont was sentenced to 21 months in the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud, stayed for five years, and 108 days in jail. He was fined $135 and will have five years of supervised probation.