Little Falls Police Department

June 12 — A gas drive-off in the amount of $28.66 was reported by a convenience store on First Avenue Northeast.

June 13 — A theft was reported by a resident on Eighth Street Northwest.

June 13 — A resident on Haven Road reported the theft of prescription medication.

June 13 — A window on the south side of Lincoln Elementary School on Sixth Street Southwest was broken.

June 15 — Property damage at Rosestone Apartments on Fifth Avenue Northeast was reported.

June 16 —  Phone lines on property on Oak Lane were pulled out.

June 18 — Property on 12th Street Southwest was damaged.

June 19 — A breaker box at Jaycee Park in Little Falls was damaged.

June 19 — A resident on Eighth Street Northwest reported a theft from their vehicle.

June 22 — A Rockford P-3 subwoofer and two separate VC audio amps, valued at $1,500, were stolen from a vehicle parked at residence on Fourth Street Southwest.

June 25 — A business on 18th Street Northeast reported theft by one of its employees.

June 25 — A city parks employee reported damage done to several signs on the fishing pier at Le Bourget Park on Paul Larson Memorial Drive in Little Falls.

June 26 — Some attempted to gain access to a residence on Second Street Northeast. The south window of the home was removed and the south side door appeared to have been kicked in. Both the door and the frame were damaged. Nothing appeared to be missing.

June 27 — Someone put ketchup all over the back driver’s side seat of a vehicle parked at a residence on Fourth Street Southeast. The complainant told officers other vehicles in the area had ketchup on them as well.

June 26 — A TV and computer were reported stolen from a residence on Third Street Northeast.