Marijuana: Illegal and hurts children

To the Editor:

Remember a few years ago when people were going crazy over the smoking ban and secondhand smoke? What about secondhand smoke from marijuana? Apparently, that is not a big issue for social services, child protection, police or sheriff’s offices. They are more concerned about the meth and pain pill problem.

I understand that is a more dangerous thing, but the last time I checked, marijuana was illegal. The people who smoke pot know that if they get tested no one is going to care so they do it openly. After all, it’s not meth or Vicodin.

Surely someone should care about kids inhaling secondhand smoke from pot, not to mention meth, which has given brain damage to children living in the middle of it. I know this first hand because of what a friend went through with a family member.

Statistics show that pot leads to bigger and better drugs, i.e. meth and narcotics. So why is pot not a big deal? Why doesn’t anyone care that there are kids getting high off secondhand smoke? It is still illegal. — Kim Slater, Little Falls