Morgan sentenced to 32 months in prison for possession and theft

John William Morgan, 26, Little Falls, was sentenced in Morrison County District Court June 14, with one felony count each of fifth degree possession of drugs and theft of a motor vehicle.

On Jan. 12, the Little Falls Police Department received a report of a theft. The victims said their son, Morgan, stole their Jeep and a laptop and that he had admitted to it.

A police officer contacted Morgan, who admitted he had the vehicle and the laptop and was in the process of returning both. He said the items would be back by midnight.

On Jan. 13, the officer contacted the parents, who said neither the Jeep nor the laptop had been returned.

The following day, the parents called the police department to say their Jeep had been abandoned in St. Cloud but the laptop had not been found.

Morgan was sentenced to 17 months in the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud and fined $135.

In another case, Morgan was sentenced to prison for fifth degree possession of drugs.

On Dec. 20, 2011, a Little Falls Police Officer observed Morgan leaning against a truck with expired plates at a Little Falls gas station. He had his hands in his pockets. The driver and another person were in the station and the officer asked them if they were aware the truck’s plates were expired. During the conversation, the two admitted smoking marijuana.

Based on the admission, the officer made the decision to search the truck.

When Morgan was asked to take his hands out of his pockets for the officer’s safety, he did not do so. The officer patted him down and located a hypodermic needle and a handgun.

An examination of Morgan’s criminal record showed he was previously convicted twice of a fifth degree controlled substance crime in 2007, and aggravated robbery in 2005, both in Isanti County. Because these incidences are deemed crimes of violence, Morgan is prohibited from possessing firearms.

Morgan was sentenced to the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud for 15 months and fined $135.

Dismissed against Morgan was one felony count of possession of a pistol and one gross misdemeanor count of taking movable property without consent. Assistant  County Attorney Todd Kosovich said the two counts were dismissed because he pleaded guilty to two other offenses that sent him to prison for 32 months.