Take a stand for marriage

To the Editor:

I agree with Sen. Gazelka in all he said in last week’s (June 24) letter. He stated why he was voting for the Marriage Amendment because of some of the negative ramifications that come from losing the definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

It’s not just about marriage, but about maintaining our religious rights and freedoms of speech and expression. If this amendment fails, we could lose our right to live out our faith and express our beliefs.

I watched at the Dam Festival as some of the “Vote No” people confronted and harassed Sen. Gazelka and others. Sen. Gazelka remained calm and non-judgmental as they harangued and berated him for his views. They, who ask us to be tolerant and accepting, were absolutely unwilling to listen to another point of view. Their behavior leaned towards hostility.

As I observed Sen. Gazelka interact with people, it reinforced why I will vote for him. He was willing to listen and hear opposing views. His character reflected true caring to all.

I will vote for the Marriage Amendment as well. I want to maintain my rights. Not voting is considered a “no” vote. Please vote “yes” and take a stand. — Joyce Heffron, Little Falls