Do you know what Agenda 21 is?


Guest Columnist


If we lose the Judea-Christian framework, we are lost forever. The Left has a vision of a changed world and that must mean the replacement of the old society with a socialistic agenda, the first step leading to communism.

You think this sounds strange? I did at first as well. I felt things were not right, but could not put it together until I saw the DVD called “Agenda: Grinding America Down” by Curtis Bowers. Agenda 21 involves plans on how to destroy our families, how it will be promoted through cohabitation instead of marriage; trying to get children into government programs at the earliest age possible and to get behind the feminism movement; to destroy businesses and get behind the environmental movement; to destroy our culture of religion and morality and get Americans to accept homosexuality as the norm.

To do this, it is necessary to eliminate prayer in the schools, discredit family, control school curriculum, eliminate laws on pornography and obscenities, cultural standards, homosexuality, control the media and infiltrate the churches, eliminate small towns and move everyone to the big cities, eliminate cars and use light rail and turn land into wetlands.

Is communism dead? There are more communists than ever before, just not using that name. They are getting away from the word “liberal” and trying to call themselves “progressives.” All of them have broadly the same values.

Most Americans under the age of 50 have no idea what communism means to the people who live under it. It is so evil, a completely tyrannical system of mass murder. The rulers live rather well, but other people are enslaved or in prisons, so you have the opposite of what they claimed to be the outcome of their revolutionary activities.

Communism is simply the final phase and goal of socialism — big government — using this power to take from one person and give to another. Those in power think this is fair and just — a utopian vision, but sooner or later it destroys everything in its path – law, morality, family prosperity, productivity, education and life itself. Destroy the family and then they can destroy the nation; then the government steps in as a nanny state.

Today we have had a complete cultural revolution. They went after education and media and have been successful in changing the world view to political correctness. They are trying to destroy Christianity, then create chaos and then move to their real goal which is to reform cultural Marxism into traditional Marxism, which is socialism.

They have turned our music, art and literature against us; penetrated the universities, novels, books, poetry, book reviews, music and then can shape the thought of the rising generations, changing society over the long term without anyone realizing it

They overload the system to get everybody possible on welfare, milking the system in one way or another – and create a crisis strategy so government collapses.

A large part of the agenda is to make us an immoral people. If you can break down the cultural tradition, it is easier to move people in different directions that are counter to society. Our morality is our greatest strength – having the character to do what you should do rather than what you have the freedom to do. Our Founding Fathers understood this, but so do our enemies.

So, are we going to believe in God or play God? People will depend upon God or they will depend upon government. All come into power like they are going to change things, making it better for the people, but history has shown us the devastating results that have happened every time. Big government has abused their power over the people.

People are not as informed as they were once before, so they can take over the institutions and culture to create what they want — can create the socialistic man they want; can create a man that wants government to take care of him; can dummy down to where it will be necessary. Then limited government will not be able to exist.

A “conspiracy” is an evil plan in secret; an “agenda” is a list of things to be done. It is clear the agenda of their plan in their own words is right out in the open. It is destroying us on the inside through the political correctness and dummying down. It is causing us to lose our ability to call evil “evil” and stand up against it.


Nancy Judd of Cushing is a member of the Central Minnesota Tea Party Patriots.