Letters to the editor, July 8

DFL has strayed from our area’s values

To the Editor:

Recently I’ve been thinking about party loyalties. While the values we share as residents of Central Minnesota like pro-life, traditional marriage, Second Amendment rights and fiscal conservatism, have remained strong over the generations, it seems the Democratic Party platform has strayed significantly from our small-town, main-street culture.

I am from Little Falls and I believe that my neighbors, family and friends, whether they vote Democrat or Republican, share my traditional American values. We don’t support abortion or allowing homosexuals to redefine marriage for our children. We support election integrity and a responsible, accountable welfare program.

The party platform for Democrats these days calls for more taxpayer funds to be used for abortion and allowing same-sex marriages. They oppose using a photo ID to vote and want more funding for dependency creating entitlement programs. And we must never forget that Democrats Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in the dark of night, in the 11th hour, passed the largest, most intrusive piece of legislation in our nation’s history, known as Obamacare.

Regardless of what Democratic candidates Al Doty and Adrian Welle say, as endorsed candidates of the Democratic Party, they support Obama’s Democratic Party. Remember in November. — Patty Wilczek, chair of the Morrison County Republican Party, Little Falls

Khrushchev may have been right

To the Editor:

About 58,000 of our boys were killed fighting the spread of communism in Vietnam. Pounding his shoe on the podium, Khrushchev said: “We will defeat America from within.”

As Obama took office one of the first individuals he picked to help him run this country was Van Jones, a self-admitted communist.

November is crucial. — Charlie Bye, Little Falls