Democrats are becoming desperate

To the Editor:

I recently received a letter from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (they must be desperate) stating that the Republicans plan to “slash Social Security and Medicaid.”

This is not true. The Republican plan is to leave both as they are now for current recipients and reform them to guarantee future benefits to current payees. If Medicare and Social Security are not reformed, they will go broke when the baby boomers start receiving benefits, and the Democrats know it.

The Democrats have already implemented their plan; it’s called Obamacare. Obamacare steals $.5 trillion from already underfunded Medicare, and uses it to pay for birth control pills, illegal aliens, administrative costs and a lot of “others.”

If you really want to know where your Medicare dollars you contributed to all your working life and now have been “stolen” from you by the Democrats are going, ask Amy Klobuchar. Amy was the final vote needed to pass Obamacare. If she doesn’t know what she is voting for, why should you vote for her?

If you don’t feel everything in this letter is factual, please tell me about it in your next letter to the editor. — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls