Moderate voices are drowned out

To the Editor:

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to write this letter. But after moving back home to this area last year, I believe a different viewpoint needs to be heard.

I’m saddened by the extremist, unhelpful political viewpoints that are expressed in this paper, whether in letters to the editor or in last week’s guest opinion piece. The irresponsible speculations and mean-spiritedness I read every week (or avoid reading every week) make me question whether constructive dialogue is even possible in this community.

Where do I fit in? I’m a Catholic and a fierce proponent of expanding marriage freedoms to my gay friends and loved ones. I’m a former Greenpeace activist who hunts, guts and eats my own wild game. Would I be shouted down because I don’t fit into one box?

I’m sure there are other moderates like myself who don’t actually believe the “other side” likes killing babies or wants to impose religious law on the land. We need to speak up and not let the extremes of either side take over the conversation. And our elected officials need to listen. — Maria Surma Manka, North Prairie