Nadia Giordana writes about moving on when life changes

The Little Falls author recently published her second book

Nadia Giordana, a native of Motley who now lives part-time in Little Falls, has recently published her second book, “Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age.” She feels qualified to write about this subject as she has had to do just that.

“I worked in the corporate world for many years and was laid off in 2006, when I was 58 years old,” she said. “I had planned to retire from that job.”

Her life took an abrupt turn.

Author Nadia Giordana recently published her second book, “Reinventing New Chapters in Your life at Any Age.” She will be signing copies of it, along with copies of her first book, “Thinking Skinny,” at the Motley Two Rivers Music Fest Friday – Sunday, July 29.

Giordana, now an outgoing and upbeat woman, said that after a year of feeling sorry for herself, she had to take a step back and figure out where she was and where she was going.

“My first step was shedding 88 pounds,” she said. “That was the beginning of getting me going to whatever was ahead of me.”

After that, Giordana said she learned it wasn’t just about the weight loss, but about reinventing her life.

“I realized I had done this before. I had to reinvent my life several times: when I left the farm I grew up on in Motley, when I attended school, at work and more,” she said.

For Giordana, her most recent reinvention happened in two steps. The first was her weight loss and the second was learning to speak to groups of people. The fear of the latter was the hardest for her to overcome.

“Now I speak to women’s groups all the time,” she said.

The book is designed for middle-aged women, but can be useful for any age and for men, too. It’s about resurrecting one’s dreams; jumping in and doing what a person has wanted to do their entire life.

“No matter your age, be it 50 or 80, it’s not too late to write, to travel, to start a business,” she said.

The book outlines the seven steps needed to resurrect one’s life.

“The first is to change your attitude and your health,” she said. Giordana had to lose weight to do that, but it would be different for everyone.

“The second is to realign your personal relationships; the third is to redirect your thought patterns and the fourth is to rediscover the magic of a new world,” she said. “No matter your age, you still have your whole life ahead of you.”

The fifth step is to remove any regrets, then outline the future and the last step is to reveal intentions to keep one accountable.

“My book gives a person inspiration to move ahead and an outline to do so,” she said. “It includes examples of three women who made major changes in their lives. It’s an encouragement to get out there and do something.”

“My biggest inspiration were my parents, Norman and Sylvia Wilkins,” she said. “When they were 50 years old, they sold the farm and moved to a log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. They lived off the land for 27 years and did not move back until their health demanded it.”

Giordana’s father wrote in a journal every day he was in Alaska. She has transcribed the journal into a book she named, “10,000 days in Alaska.”

Giordana will be at the Motley Two Rivers Music Fest Friday – Sunday, July 29, signing copies of both her books, “Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age” and “Thinking Skinny,” along with copies of her father’s journal.