Arabs, Islam unfairly targeted since 9/11

To the Editor:

Since 9/11, Arab peoples and members of Islam have become the new group of people to be persecuted. We saw this with Rep. King’s hearings on people of Islam and more recently Rep. Michelle Bachman’s racial and religious profiling of an aide of Secretary Clinton.

This is perverse and toxic to our democracy.

This falls in with Sen. Gazelka’s “God given right” to perpetuate and promote discrimination. When people are afraid and insecure, they become paranoid and lash out at people they don’t understand. The new norm for these people is, if you aren’t a Christian, you must be the enemy. They enjoy their own freedoms, but they like to be able to choose who qualifies for those freedoms.

Kudos to “moderate voice” in last week’s Record. It shows that not everyone shares “small town values.” — John Snell, Motley