Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

June 28 — Three trail cameras were stolen from property in Cushing Township. Value of the cameras and memory cards was placed at $850.

June 28 — A resident of Fourth Avenue, Bowlus, reported her identity had been stolen, with a loan and credit card taken out in her name, without her knowledge. June 29 — A resident on Ideal Road in Royalton, reported a theft.

June 30 — A resident of 230th Street in Randall, reported someone had stolen their credit card and someone in England made two purchases totalling $471.35.

July 1 — Someone threw a beer bottle through the window of a loader at a property on 260th Avenue, Pierz.

July 3 — A lawn mower and grass trimmer were stolen from a residence on 138th Avenue, Little Falls.

July 5 — A resident on 158th Street, Little Falls, reported his social security check totalling $1,145, was stolen from his account.

July 6 — The grill was kicked out of a van and holes poked in the radiator while it was parked at a residence on 40th Avenue in Cushing.

July 7 — A resident on Rhoda Avenue in Swanville reported a theft.

July 7 — A resident on 105th Avenue, Randall, reported their Sony Playstation had been stolen from their vehicle and then pawned in St. Cloud.

July 7 — A resident on 215th Street, Little Falls, reported they had sold an engagement ring to a buyer on Craig’s List, but that the Paypal account used to make payment was a fraud. The ring is valued at $7,800. July 8 — A property owner on Fish Trap Lake, Cushing, reported people were using the property without permission.

July 8 — Someone cut the screen on a house window and stole a “Little John” four-step ladder, valued at $175, from a residence on Rhoda Avenue in Swanville.

July 8 — A resident on Beaulieu Street in Motley, reported damage done to a garden and yard by someone driving a four-wheeler.

July 9 — Someone burned an old Chev truck parked at property on 20th Avenue in Swanville.

July 9 — Someone stole approximately $3,500 worth of tools from a work site location on 70th Avenue and Birch Road, Cushing.

July 10 — A resident on 330th Avenue, Foley, reported a theft.

July 10 — Someone stole four wheels off of a Dodge pickup parked on the lot of a business on 113th Street, Little Falls. Total loss was valued at $3,402.05.

July 14 — A business on Highway 10 West in Motley reported someone pumped gasoline and left without paying for it.

July 14 — Someone drove into a campground on Highway 25 in Pierz and drove in circles making a doughnut and covered a camper in mud.

July 14 — A resident on 170th Avenue in Royalton reported a theft.

July 15 — A resident on Iris Road in Royalton reported a deck window had been broken out of the residence during an attempted break-in.

July 16 — A business owner on Mobile Drive in Randall reported a case of fraud.

July 16 — A resident on 355th Avenue in Hillman reported someone stole their Super H Farmall tractor and bucket.

July 16 — A business on 250th Avenue in Pierz reported the theft of tools as well as the catalytic converter out of a car.

July 17 — A resident on Rhoda Avenue in Swanville reported someone had run over their daughter’s bike while it was parked near the resident’s driveway.

July 17 — A resident on 103rd Street in Hillman reported their property had been damaged.

July 17 — A resident on First Street North in Flensburg reported a theft.

July 18 — A plastic gas tank on a vehicle was damaged while it was parked at a residence on Riverwood Drive in Little Falls.

July 18 — A resident on 160th Avenue in Little Falls reported  a theft.