Randall approves addition of ‘City of Veterans Memorials’ signs

At the June 20 Randall City Council meeting, council members signed a proclamation stating Randall would be, from this point on, known as “City of Veterans Memorials.”

Randall, population 650, has four veterans memorials. The newest was erected this summer and is on the south end of Pacific Avenue. The other three are located under the water tower, on the wall of the Randall VFW and at the Randall city cemetery.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the City Council approved installing two signs which read “The City of Veterans Memorials” on Highway 10.

“These are community recognition signs,” said Dan Noss, VFW member and proponent of the signs. “The VFW approval for sponsoring the signs is pending.”

The signs are green with white reflective lettering. They will be 24 inches high and 72 inches long.

The city agreed to have the two Highway 10 Randall signs that show the city’s population raised and the new signs added underneath, on the same pole.

The installation of the signs is contingent on the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s approval of the project.

Also during the meeting, the Council voted to place a banner on the west side of the Randall Fire Hall for two to three weeks, contingent on the approval of the Joint Advisory Fire Board. The banner would read, “Yellow Ribbon Network of Morrison County. Thank You for Serving.” This banner is expected to move around the county to various cities, showing people that Morrison County has been designation by the Yellow Ribbon Network as a Yellow Ribbon community.

Noss also suggested the city arrange for another permanent sign that reads, “Randall, Yellow Ribbon City.”

Randall City Council briefs

Other business conducted by the Randall City Council Wednesday night included:

• Passing a resolution to accept $5,000 from the Randall VFW for the Fourth of July Celebration and $5,000 from the Randall Cushing Lions for any necessary park building improvements;

• Voting to establish July 31 – Aug. 14 as the time limit  affidavits of candidacy may be accepted. The filing fee is $2, payable to the city clerk. Terms ending are the two-year term for mayor, currently held by Bob Riitters and four-year terms for two council seats currently held by Ricky Turner and Jerry Carter;

• Learning there have been complaints the park building is without air conditioning. City Clerk Angie Magee said several groups have refused to rent the building for just that reason. City Manager Jerry Peterschick said it may be possible to use the $5,000 donation from the Randall Cushing Lions to add air conditioning to the building.

Peterschick told the Council an estimate of $4,594 would cover two 2-ton units with exterior radiators. Electrician fees would be extra. The Council voted to have the air conditioner at the park building contingent on the Randall Cushing Lions approving the expenditure; and

• Approving a permit for Tim Strack to erect a 50-foot by 126-foot storage shed.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Randall Fire Hall Wednesday, Aug. 15, at 7 p.m.