‘Troops’ sign is down, but not ‘Town Crier’s’

To the Editor:

Driving west on Broadway Tuesday, I was amazed to notice that the “We Support Our Troops” sign, which has been proudly displayed on the old bank building, has been removed. Could it be that because the new Little Falls sign ordinance went into effect Sunday, July 15, and the city is setting an example concerning ordinance enforcement?

Driving over by the hospital, would one notice that the multiple signs in the yard of the self-proclaimed “Town Crier” have also been removed? No. Could that be because of the pending lawsuit against the city which could go on for a very long time?

When the traditional “garage sale” signs are displayed this week all over Little Falls, will they be rapidly removed due to the new sign ordinance?

I find it unbelievable that the rights of all, including the city’s, are altered to protect the rights of one disgruntled resident.

I proudly fly a “Support Our Troops” flag on a flag pole in my front yard. Will I be required to remove it because it may be classified as a sign violating the new sign ordinance? — David L. Hanson and Pamela K. Hanson, Little Falls