Filings open Tuesday for township officers, city officials and school board members

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

Local township and city officials and school board members who wish to retain their seats must file their affidavits of candidacy beginning this week. Also needing to file are those people who are running against the incumbents.

The filing period begins Tuesday and runs through Aug. 14. The filing fee is $2, payable at the corresponding city hall, school administrative office or with the township clerk.

City officials whose terms expire Dec. 31, 2012, include:

Bowlus—Mayor George Trettel for a two-year term and council member Kelly Larson and Irene Lashinski, both for four-year terms.

Buckman—Mayor Robert Lochner for a two-year term and Councilman Jeff Dingmann and Clerk Jean Suska, both for four-year terms.

Elmdale—Mayor Raymond Kurowski for a two-year term and Council Members Eugene Maciej and Ron Stewart and Treasurer Marlene Carlson, all for four-year terms.

Flensburg—Mayor Scott Gardner for a two-year term and Council Members Melvin Piekarski and LuAnn Morrow, each for four-year terms. Since the clerk was eliminated as a voting member, a third council member will be elected for a four-year term.

Genola—Mayor Larry Korf and Council Members Charles Storkamp and Tim O’Neil, all four-year terms.

Harding—Council member David Hayes and Clerk MaryLou Oppelt, both for four-year terms.

Hillman—Mayor Norman Iverson, Council Member Annette Buesseler and Clerk Rita Iverson, all for four-year terms.

Lastrup—Mayor Kay Hoheisel, Council Member Ross Shoultz and treasurer Diane Schmidtz, all four-year terms.

Little Falls—Councilmen Loren Boyum, First Ward; Urban Otremba, Second Ward; and Frank Gosiak, Third Ward, all four-year terms.

Motley—Mayor Nancy Nieken for a two-year term and Council Members Duane Solga and Bruce Mills, both four-year terms.

Pierz—Mayor Toby Egan for a two-year term, and Clerk Mary Korf and Council Member Adrian Welle, both four-year terms.

Randall—Mayor Bob Riitters, two-year term and Council Members Jerry Carter and Ricky Turner, both four-year terms.

Royalton—Council members Ed Zimny for a two-year term and Ron Verley and Al Doty, both four-year terms.

Sobieski—Mayor Ronald Kruzel, Council Members James Sobiech and Judith Hennes, and Clerk Joyce Holtz, all four-year terms.

Swanville—Mayor Sandy Peterson, two-year term and Council Members A. J. Johnson and Jim Piekarski, both four-year terms.

Upsala—Mayor Rollie Johnson for a two-year term and Council Member Robert Maciej and a vacant council seat, both for a four-year term.

School board directors whose four-year terms expire at the end of 2012 include:

Little Falls—Directors Bob Stoltman, Jay Spillum and Cathy Adamek.

Royalton—Directors Michelle Carlson, Don Linberg and Ron Borash.

Pierz—Directors Mike Wilson, Steve Boser and Joanne Broschofsky.

Swanville—Directors Kathy Beckman, Chris Kircher and Jeff Opelia.

Upsala—Directors Karin Nelson, Neil Frieler and Marvin Wensmann.

Township supervisors, clerks and treasurers whose terms expire at the end of 2012 include:

Morrill—Chairperson Robert Stuckmayer and Clerk Joan Nichols, both for four-year terms.

Mount Morris—Chairperson Ronald Meyer and Clerk Tammie Gotvald, both for four-year terms.

Pierz—Chairperson Charles Millner and Clerk Loren Meyer, both for four-year terms.

Pulaski—Chairperson Allen Woitalla, Supervisor LeRoy Knopik and Treasurer Lynn Donek, all for four-year terms.

Richardson—Supervisor Mark Johnson and Clerk Cheryl Lincoln, both for four-year terms.

Rosing—Chairperson Gary Rassler and Clerk/Treasurer Amy Walker, both for four-year terms and Supervisor Joe Klein for a two-year term.

Scandia Valley—Chairperson Robert Harmsen, supervisors Dale Borgstrom and Mike Rosvold and Clerk Kathie Headley, all four-year terms.