Don’t raise taxes; get people off the dole

To the Editor:

Recently, former Congressman Rick Nolan made a comment on a radio program accusing Congressman Chip Cravaack of being “on the dole” because Cravaack was a former Navy pilot. Really? Since when is being in military service to our country being “on the dole?”

And if being in the service is “on the dole,” isn’t being in Congress as Rick Nolan was for years also “on the dole?”

In a Record article several weeks ago, all three Democratic candidates for 8th District Congress advocated raising taxes as the solution to burgeoning federal deficits and the national debt. Not one mentioned reining in government spending.

Traditionally, the burden of taxes (those actually paying them) has been 84 percent. It is now 50 percent.

Instead of raising taxes on those 50 percent, we need to cut entitlement spending and get those who are truly “on the dole” into jobs where they are paying taxes instead of adding to the deficit. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum