Gay marriage won’t hurt others’ rights

To the Editor:

I grew up in Little Falls. I had loving parents (and still do), a great group of friends and a good education. No one in my childhood ever “taught” me to be gay. I figured that out for myself when I was older.

Now, thankfully, I live in Massachusetts where my partner of 18 years and I are legally married and have been since the first day it was legal. We have never wanted “special” rights, nor wanted to mandate that religions that don’t support gay marriage be required to perform them. What we are talking about is “civil marriage” with all of the benefits (1,000-plus) that come with it. No one is trying to take away your “God-given rights.” We are just asking for a legal contract to protect our families.

Massachusetts is not suffering “serious ramifications” as some politicians would like you to believe; they are just trying to scare you. There are no classes in elementary school, or beyond, that promote homosexuality. Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the nation and very low unemployment.

The sky is not falling. Please vote “no” on the Marriage Amendment. — Aimee Eckman, Little Falls Class of 1982, Eastham, Mass.