Kresha will work for long-term solutions

To the Editor:

Ron Kresha is a candidate for state representative in District 9B. He lives in Little Falls with his wife of 19 years, Wendy, and their five children. He’s been a strong community leader in education and business in the Pierz, Little Falls and Long Prairie areas for many years.

Kresha has an MBA in finance/accounting and a bachelor of science and teaching certificate in English/language arts. He’s the former technology director/curriculum coordinator for the Pierz School District. Later, he co-founded Atomic Learning and served as CFO and company president. After leaving the company, he helped create Golden Shovel Agency, an economic development company that assists communities with their online professional development.

He would work to enact long-term solutions in tax and budget reforms including closing tax loopholes and eliminating wasteful government spending. He understands the economics of business and factors that help rural communities grow and thus create more jobs. He’ll work on improving education so our children can have a competitive edge and work to return decision-making power to parents and communities.

Kresha strongly supports family values and believes in the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. He is experienced and deserves our support. — Clara Kedrowski, Little Falls