Small town values under attack

To the Editor:

Wow. I just learned last week that Sen. Paul Gazelka is “afraid, insecure and paranoid,” that he “perpetuates and promotes discrimination,” and that he and the rest of us Christians with “small town values” lash out at people we don’t understand, including Muslims. Really? That’s not the Paul I know.

The small town value (by the way, it’s also a big town value) being attacked lately, and the source of so-called discrimination, is one man/one woman marriage and the effort to preserve it. Redefining marriage to mean something/anything else defies God’s basic plan for families, thousands of years of civilization and modern-day social science. Not surprisingly and most importantly, children, whether biological or adopted, do best in a family with a mom and a dad.

Unfortunately, many marriages don’t work out, resulting in single parent families which often turn to extended family, good friends or great mentorship organizations like Kinship to fill in the gap created by the absent parent. My point is that society should do everything possible to not only help broken families, but to promote and support what has always worked best: dad and mom working together to raise the next generation.

Vote “yes” on marriage this fall. — Ken Toenies, Little Falls