Biased area news coverage a continuing problem

By Robin Hensel, Guest Column

In October 2011, I could wait no more. I began displaying signs on my property in an attempt to educate the local citizenry to the real dangers happening in our society. Many local residents don’t ever read the “letters to the editor” or listen to local radio. I wanted to reach out to those folks, my neighbors and passersby on the old highway. My property is uniquely situated for just that.

I figured I would give the “other side” of the story, so to speak. In my opinion, the Morrison County Record and

KTLF (the local radio station), are both so right wing slanted it is impossible to get a true perspective of local news and beyond.

Elmer Anderson, founder of ECM Publishers, the Morrison County Record’s parent company was a progressive Republican. He wrote a commentary in the Minneapolis Star Tribune claiming that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney “spew outright untruths with evangelistic fervor” and calling Cheney an evil man who was the real decision maker in the administration.

ECM’s last two bullet points in their mission statement are: 5) Participating actively in the community betterment and 6) Contributing to individual freedom, peace and justice in the world. The Morrison County Record would do well to remember these two important standards and in my opinion have not lived up to them.

Recently, one of, if not “the” most important local events was held June 23, in Le Bourget and Maple Island Park, the Central Minnesota Peace and Diversity Fair. It was the first and only local diversity gathering in an attempt to bridge peace and understanding.

The Morrison County Record chose not to cover this well-attended, exciting event, stating afterwards that they didn’t have enough reporters to cover it. I believe Elmer would have been greatly disappointed and may have called on them for an explanation. You, the customers, deserve better.

Recently, on July 18, writer David Swanson, wrote a very telling article titled “Minnesota Town Bans Signs in Yards Unless They’re Pro-War,” on his blog on the Web site “War is a Crime.” I suggest you read it. There will be more enlightening news coverage coming shortly about my lawsuit and the reality of what has happened and is currently happening.

The last six months have been some of the most interesting months of my life. I have crisscrossed the state, attending dozens of meetings, war protests, peace vigils, race, union and women’s rights gatherings, all in an attempt to highlight the troubles our nation is facing and encourage groups to band together to be more effective.

I want to state that I am a “friend” in this community, not your “enemy,” as some would have you believe. Wherever I have lived, I have always been known as a hard worker, a truth teller and helped advance “common good” causes. I have also worked diligently to correct “wrongs” that were occurring and am proud to state I accomplished what I set out to do.

In peace and solidarity, your “Town Crier.”

Robin Hensel is a resident of Little Falls.