Kresha is District 9B’s best candidate

To the Editor:

What we need in St. Paul is a person who understands the economics of business and what makes rural communities grow. That person is Ron Kresha. He’s a successful businessman who will maintain our rural presence and identity in St. Paul.

He’s also active in the community and is the past president of the Exchange Club. He loves the outdoors and is the current president of Let’s Go Fishing, Little Falls chapter.

He and his family are members of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and are active in parish functions. He’s a member of the Mary of Lourdes School Board, a past president of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Council and currently a third term member of the Parish Council.

Kresha is strongly pro-life. The dignity of life and respect for all human beings is a high priority for him. As our representative, he’ll work to reduce abortion in Minnesota and support bills that target Planned Parenthood facilities and their inhumane practices. He believes life begins at conception and each child should be given the most basic right: the right to live the life they deserve.

His years of experience and service make him our best candidate. — Margaret Johnson, Little Falls