The rich continue to get richer

To the Editor:

The 2012 Executive Compensation Report put together by the Star Tribune shows that Minnesota’s top CEOs had a great year. Their average pay increase in 2012 was 26 percent.

That article said average increases for salaried workers in 2011 was 2.8 percent and in 2010 it was 2.5 percent. That study said employee raises in recent years are among the smallest in the past 37 years.

So the rich are actually getting richer and the poor are actually getting poorer.

You’re paying higher prices when you buy what you need to pay for the CEO’s raise and you’re paying higher property taxes (especially in Morrison County as Tom West’s editorial pointed out July 29).

Why is it like that? Because the Republicans that took the majority in Minnesota last session wouldn’t tax the wealthiest at the same rates you and I pay. They actually tried to reduce the taxes even more for large corporations. No wonder we’re all paying more and local main street businesses are hurting.

Many of the wealthiest are investment and hedge fund managers, etc., not job creators. They make money only when someone else loses. That’s us.

Save the middle class and small business; vote the republicans out.  — Jeff Everson, Little Falls