Political sign vandalized, then stolen

The Knights of Columbus (KC) of Little Falls hung seven banners in the community Aug. 3, first checking with the city about whether it was within the ordinance to do so. The signs are considered political and posting them is in compliance with the city’s ordinance, provided they are removed 10 days after the Nov. 6 election. One of the signs posted near St. Mary’s Elementary School in Little Falls, was torn down Sunday night, Aug. 5. Vandals had cut the zip ties and left it hanging on the ground. The KCs reported the vandalism to the police department and restored it. “Monday morning it was all ripped off and had disappeared,” said Paul Dennis, Grand Knight for the KCs. “They stole it. This will probably go off until the election.” Anyone with information regarding who is vandalizing and stealing the signs is asked to report it to the Little Falls Police Department.