Upsala Medallion discovery is good birthday gift

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

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It was a Morrison family team effort to locate the Heritage Festival Medallion using only the very first clue Monday afternoon. Jodi found the clue online while on break at work, and called her husband, John. He took their son, Riley, to all of the Upsala signs looking for the medallion. Pictured in front of the last sign they checked are (from left): Jodi, John and Riley Morrison.

Riley Morrison received an unexpected ninth birthday present Monday when he and his dad found the Upsala Heritage Festival medallion.

His mom, Jodi, waited eagerly for her lunch break Monday so she could look online for the first medallion hunt clue.

The first clue said, “Heritage Festival has come again, find the treasure if you can. It must be found before Saturday night, or it shall be forever out of sight.”

Jodi considered which things would be gone by Saturday night and her first thought was the Heritage Days sign.

As soon as she could, she called home and let her husband, John, and son, Riley, know what the clue was and suggested that they look for the medallion near all the Heritage Days signs.

After searching at three of the Upsala city limits signs, where the Heritage Days signs were located, it was the last place they looked where they struck gold. At the Upsala sign east of town on County Road 21, they found the medallion hidden in a tennis ball under a shrub.

Upsala City Administrator Adrian Welle was shocked that the medallion was found so soon. “I figured, maybe it would be found by Thursday,” he said. “The part of the clue that led them to the medallion only meant that if it wasn’t found by Saturday the hunt would be over and the medallion unclaimed.”

The Morrisons received a prize of $100 Upsala Bucks.

“It is a great birthday present for Riley,” said Jodi.