Bellevue Township seeks acknowledgement as Royalton Fire Hall part owner

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

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On behalf of Bellevue Township, Supervisor Randy Winscher asked the Royalton City Council Tuesday that Bellevue Township be added to the Royalton Fire Hall deed as part-owner.

“In case the building should ever be abandoned, that would show that Bellevue Township owns part of the building,” said Winscher. “The township agrees to pay half of any fees necessary to do this.”

Winscher presented two township documents to the City Council trying to establish that the township had shared in the cost of building the new Fire Hall, which was constructed in 1985.

A document dated March 2, 1982, was a Bellevue Township annual meeting agenda with a new business item to consider the possibilty of a contingency fund for the Fire Hall.

A document from 1998 was the front page of the annual fire department audit, which listed a $4,058 fire hall payment. “That payment was part of a 10- or 11-year contract,” said Mayor Andrea Lauer.

The cost of the new building was bonded at $125,000, of which it appears Bellevue Township may have paid approximately $40,580 to $44,638.

“In principal, they own a certain percentage,” said Council Member Al Libke. “I think we need to spend a little more time on this to determine what that percentage is.”

“We need to do more research and consult with our attorney,” said Lauer.

The Council tabled further discussion of the topic until the October or November meeting.