Elmdale Township and city of Upsala setting baseline for sharing of road maintenance

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

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Elmdale Township and the city of Upsala currently have a verbal agreement in which the township allows the city to store the snowplow in their township building. The city plows some township roads in winter, with the township grading the city’s gravel streets in summer.

“It is more of a mutual agreement relating to trading,” said City Administrator Adrian Welle. “The two entities do not bill each other for these services.”

The two are conscientiously keeping records for the next five years to see if that agreement needs to be changed.

“We are curious to know what it is costing both entities to provide these services and to be sure it was a fair trade,” said Welle. “We are going to watch this over the next five years to see what it looks like.”

Township Supervisors Jerry Theisen, Duane Harren and Ron Schmidt attended the Upsala City Council meeting Monday.

“We will continue to document time spent on the work,” said Theisen.