Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

Aug. 2 — A Little Falls resident’s credit card number was used by a person in Florida to order $156 worth of golfing equipment

Aug. 2 — An air conditioner was reported stolen from a foreclosed property in Swanville.

Aug. 3 — A mailbox and post were reported damaged on Haven Road in Little Falls.

Aug. 3 — Damage was reported to a cornfield in Little Falls Township.

Aug. 5 — A shed on 400th Avenue in Hillman was broken into and an ATV stolen.

Aug. 6 — Someone left black marks on the Sobieski Community Center parking lot.

Aug. 6 — A theft was reported on Pine View Boulevard in Scandia Valley Township.

Aug. 7 — A Morrison County truck hit a turkey on 93rd Street and Iris Road.

Aug. 7 — An attempted break-in was reported in Swanville.

Aug. 7 — A theft was reported on Sage Road in Hillman.