Scout project a true comfort

To the Editor:

We are are writing to commend Troop 51 for all the hard work they have done for the local cemeteries. As parents of a deceased child, just going to the cemetery can be a heartbtreaking ordeal. But the trip we made to Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery to visit our daughter’s gravesite, was more than we expected. The cemetery looked amazing. We were truly overcome at how beautiful it looked.

After telling several others at a family barbecue about how well-kept the cemetery was, we were introduced to Andrew Borash, a member of Troop 51, Little Falls.

We were overjoyed to meet such a fine young man and very proud Scout. We told him what it was like for parents to have to visit a child in such an awful place. Also, what it meant to us that he and his fellow troop members had the commitment and pride to make it so beautiful. We learned that Troop 51 had worked for many days to complete that cemetery and two others.

We were introduced to Troop Leaders Jason and Brenda Borash of Little Falls and now understand where Andrew and his fellow troop members get their integrity and dedication. — Steve and Julie Opatz, North Port Florida, formerly of Morrison County