Swanville City Council to set price and conditions on lot

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer 

Ned Johnson is interested in purchasing a lot on Forest Lane from the city of Swanville. He is also interested in having a road put in to access property he owns behind the lot. On Tuesday, the Swanville City Council discussed the issue with its attorney Tim Churchwell. (Council Members A.J. Johnson and Tim Grittner were absent).

The attorney told the Council that if they sell the lot they should have a written agreement with the purchaser as to what development would take place, what the road specifications would be and how the costs are allocated.

Council Member Jim Molitor asked the attorney “Could the contract state if it is developed at a later day can the city annex the property?”

Churchwell said that could be written into the contract.

Mayor Sandy Peterson wanted to know if in the future the land was resold would the restrictions set forth in a contract still be valid.

Again the attorney told the council the contract would follow the property.

After further discussion the council decided to offer to sell the lot to Johnson at the cost of $5,000 which includes cost of land and assessments.

Swanville City Council Briefs

In other business Tuesday, the Swanville City Council:

• Heard its attorney is working on annexing the school land that was recently donated to the school district by Jennie-O.;

• Took no action on the issue of camping at the Lake Pepin Access;

• Approved a propane contract with Rahn’s Oil for $1.35 a gallon;

• Approved a $600 contribution to the Initiative Foundation for 2013;

• Approved spending up to $50 for trim board to be installed on the community center wall;

• Heard there is money still available for one commercial property through the Small Cities DEED project;

• Heard the Swanville Lions will donate $1,000 for the park building doors;

• Approved a land use permit for Carol Dold to construct a seven-foot by 16-foot well cover. The permit was approved contingent on all set-backs being met;

• Received a quote from Tri-City Paving for the paving proposed on Springbrook Drive. The Council will seek a second quote to be presented at the September meeting;

• Heard the city needs to budget $40,000 to $45,000 over the next three to five years to redo the water tower;

• Heard the Council will meet with the Fire Association at 8 p. m., Aug. 28. Council Members will meet prior to the meeting at 7:30 at city hall; and

Agreed to send a letter to a resident who dug up the street to repair their sewer line that they would have until October 1, to make the appropriate street repairs.

The next regular meeting of the Swanville City Council will be held Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 7:30 p.m.