Check the facts on Republican claims

To the Editor:

Here’s a necessary fact check about what our local Republican senator and representative did to rural Minnesota economy and rural values last session.

The Republicans voted to eliminate the homestead credit. That increased rural Minnesota taxes and the rural increase was a higher percent than the metro.

Their failed attempts to fix Green Acres means those farmers will pay even higher property taxes and our conservation, wetland and hunting lands are less likely to be protected.

The Republicans said they were for jobs and business, but farming affects all our businesses, and they increased farm taxes the most.

And Camp Ripley, another big economic driver in our area. Sen. Gazelka voted against $19.5 million to construct and equip Ripley’s new education center.

The Republicans voted many times against increasing taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans’ incomes and voted to reduce corporate tax rates. They raised our property taxes instead.

They borrowed money to “balance” the budget; over $2 billion from schools and around $700 million from tobacco settlement money. Because they borrowed so much, the next legislature will start out about $4 billion in the red.

That doesn’t match up very well with their false claims that they created a surplus. — Roman Witucki, chair of the Morrison County DFL, Little Falls