Kresha is strongest pro-life candidate

To the Editor:

When I vote for a candidate running for state and/or federal office, I want to know where this person stands on the issue of life. Does he believe in protecting human life from conception to natural death? That’s very important to me.

Ron Kresha is strongly pro-life. He answered the important MCCL candidate questionnaire correctly. MCCL has a long record of life-saving victories at the Legislature. Kresha will work to protect those victories and vote for new pro-life legislation. He supports legislation to prohibit or limit taxpayer funding of abortions. He will work with MCCL to protect vulnerable citizens and to protect the right of patients and/or their proxies to make medical decisions.

In addition, Kresha will vote for pro-life leadership in the House of Representatives. This is extremely important because the leadership of the House appoints the heads of all the committees that legislation must pass through before it comes to a vote of the full House membership. If a committee head is not pro-life, he likely will not bring any pro-life legislation up for a vote, thus preventing it from ever becoming law.

This dedication makes Kresha the strongest pro-life candidate for District 9B. — Tina Wheeler, chair, Morrison County Chapter of MCCL, Little Falls