Let’s be serious, not distracting

To the Editor:

After reading last week’s letter, “Marriage Equals One Man and One Woman,” I began to recall the many conversations I’ve had about critical issues with my Democratic friends. Some are concerned about helping the poor get back on their feet, others are concerned about ensuring Medicare and Social Security stay solvent and others are passionate about driving innovation to create more good-paying jobs for the middle class.

But the one issue that unites us all is — you guessed it — legalizing man/boy and human/animal sexual relations. Many thanks to last week’s letter for illuminating the core issue that keeps us Democrats up at night. The allegation that Democrats spend their time worrying about the rights of sexual predators is the kind of reasonable and intelligent dialogue we need to have in this community.

My Democratic friends and I look forward to more absurdity like this that distracts from the real discussions about fixing health care, creating jobs, improving the economy and — yes — ensuring marriage equality for loving, consenting adults. — Ben Surma, Little Falls