Stop vandalizing and get involved

To the Editor:

Obviously, we have some very sick people in this community who have nothing better to do than go around destroying and vandalizing people’s property.

Why would you want to chance an arrest with possible jail time, a large fine and maybe a felony or misdemeanor on your record, when all you have to do is wait for the election and “vote.” The First Amendment gives us the freedom of religion and speech, but it also gives us the right to vote for our choices and what we believe. Suggestion, spend your time getting informed about the issues, then get out and “vote.” Don’t waste your time destroying other’s property; that only strengthens your opponent’s side.

And, if you have so much idle time on your hands and want to change things, get involved in the issues. This country has a democracy which you should be grateful for; not many others have our freedoms. — Jean Dennis, Little Falls