Motley City Council briefs

Business conducted by the Motley City Council Tuesday night included:

• Discussing Tom Zetah’s request during July’s meeting to have the city implement a plan that would bring new businesses to town. Zetah said he had been trying to sell his hardware store for years with no luck. He said no one wanted to buy a business in Motley because of lack of incentives. The Council agreed that the city should do something, but also agreed it took money the city did not have;

• Voting to make the first payment of $132,669.59 to Feldt Plumbing LLC of Detroit Lakes for work done on the 2012 street project. The estimated cost of the project comes to $762,248.70;

• Hearing from Clerk/Treasurer Terri Smith that postage costs may become a part of residents’ solid waste bills. The fund is losing money due to the city charging residents for just what they use;

• Learning that Smith sent the Council’s proposal of $1,000 for the 6.4 acres of property known as Mill Pond to County Auditor Russ Nygren, but had not received a response;

• Authorizing the Motley Fire Department to spend approximately $12,600 for six sets of turn-out gear. Councilor Rob Sampson said the money was in the budget;

• Voting to accept the School Resource Officer contract with Staples Motley Schools;

• Learning most residents who have asked for their lawns to be reseeded from work done during the 2011 street project will be accommodated, but not until cooler weather prevails in the fall;

• Hearing complaints from the Maintenance Department that the company hired to do the street sweeping had not been doing a very good job. Bruce Brotherton said it was hired because of the company’s vacuum truck, which doesn’t seem to work as well as was implied;

•  Voting “yes” to the concept of a sliding hill using 13,000 yards of sand, rock and clay left over from digging the pond for water runoff on the edge of the Motley Industrial Park. Sampson said he first wants to discuss the issue with the Street Committee, have definitions put in place and learn about any liabilities before a final decision is made;

• Learning the city does not qualify for a grant to alleviate whatever is making the city’s water look dirty, an issue that has no health risks to residents. The city will seek requests for qualifications from engineers to see what can be done;

• Voting to accept two resolutions that would 1) provide for the sale of $956,000 in general obligation improvement bonds for the 2012 street improvement project and 2) establish procedures relating to the compliance with reimbursement bond regulations; and

• Deciding to not advertise in the Staples Motley Community Education catalogue.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Motley City Hall Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m.