Campaign sign theft needs to stop

To the Editor:

The Al Doty campaign is asking all residents of this area to stop vandalizing or stealing campaign signs from our campaign, our opponent’s campaign or any other campaign on any issue. We are trying to give the voters in District 9 an honest choice between different candidates with distinctly different views. Sign vandalism and theft only detracts from that and cheats voters out of an opportunity to participate in and display their political views.

Many of the donors to our campaign are seniors or families on limited incomes. When someone steals signs, they are not only stealing from these campaign supporters, but also trespassing on private property and depriving people of their First Amendment rights.

The Doty campaign lost well over 100 signs in 2010, and has had signs stolen or destroyed in Little Falls, Royalton, Pierz and Sobieski already this summer.

We ask that everyone respect each other’s private property rights and right to free speech. If anyone is interested in honestly participating in the political process, be productive and contact the campaign of your choice and your volunteer efforts will be welcomed. — Mary Surma, Little Falls