Thanks given to courageous citizens

To the Editor:

I have to write and thank some people. These people have shown a bit of courage in withstanding the onslaught of the media, Hollywood, unions and uninformed liberals. And, of course, churches who have caved in to the masses.

One group I want to thank is our courageous legislators who would rather fight to offer a sane budget, than take the easy road and just continue to write checks, just like the falling countries of Europe which the liberals so greatly admire.

The other groups are those who speak up for morality, the same morality which our founders and all the major religions of the world have believed in for centuries.

I cannot understand how these same groups expect us to throw away thousands of years of human history overnight just because it has recently become politically correct to do so.

Who do you, the reader, think are the courageous ones? The “follow the leader” types or those who take the thankless job of trying to hold back the barbarians? What values came over with your ancestors when they settled this land? — Greg Smith, Little Falls Township