VanHercke convicted of theft; given a stay of imposition

Dakota Ray VanHercke, 19, Little Falls had one felony count of third degree aiding and abetting a burglary dismissed due to a plea of guilty to a gross misdemeanor charge of theft with intent to exercise temporary control.

On Dec. 1, 2011, three mini-motorcycles were reported stolen from a trailer home near Fort Ripley.

Later, information was received from a witness who saw a juvenile riding a motorcycle that matched the description of one of the stolen bikes. The witness offered to purchase the motorcycle and the driver said it was stored at a local body shop.

Gaining entrance to the body shop, an officer located the motorcycle matching the description of the one stolen. Also located was a small dirt bike that matched the description of another one of the bikes stolen.

It was learned that three individuals took part in the burglary, including VanHercke. He and another adult were arrested; the other perpetrator was a juvenile.

VanHercke was sentenced to probation for one year, ordered to pay restitution of $1,500 and fines totalling $385. His sentence of 365 days in jail, stayed for 350 days with three days credit for time served, was given a stay of imposition. If all stipulations placed in VanHercke are abided by, charges may be lowered to a misdemeanor.