Welle is the strongest pro-life candidate

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to last week’s letter by the MCCL chair of Morrison County. Shame on you. As a non-partisan organization, it disturbs me to see you support one candidate when both candidates are strongly pro-life. The state MCCL Board has not endorsed either candidate as of yet.

First, you say you are supporting Ron Kresha because of his perfect response to the MCCL survey. Anyone can research the candidate responses and see both candidates answered exactly the same. You can see the responses at www.mccl.org/document.doc?id=536.

Adrian Welle is adopted and has a very personal connection to the issue of life. He has signed the MCCL pledge and voted to stand by MCCL’s beliefs. Never has Welle mentioned he will try to reduce abortion as Ron Kresha has, but that Adrian will fight to eliminate abortions. Being pro-life is more than just being anti-abortion; pro-life includes taking care of life after birth, until death.

On Nov. 6, I will be casting my vote for the strongest pro-life candidate, who not only believes in the right to life, but believes in helping children succeed after birth. Adrian Welle is the best candidate for House District 9B. — Jennifer Bragg, Little Falls